Friday, May 7, 2010

Well if she can do it..........

Bubba, our six year old, is pretty athletic and she will undoubtedly be six feet tall. The hubs and I often ponder what she might want to do athletically as she gets older and want to support her in whatever she chooses. He usually ends any conversation about Bubba and sports with, "She needs to be able to run." Why would he say this? Well, she is a little heavier than she should be and with every pound she gains, she likes running less. She's still just as coordinated as she always has been but she does NOT like to run. About a month ago he suggested that she should get on the treadmill in the morning before she starts her schoolwork. I wasn't at all enthusiastic about the idea and thought that it might borderline on child abuse. She's six! REALLY? So, I ignored the hubs.

Not only does the fact that she is only six years old seem to make the idea preposterous but we keep the treadmill in the garage. We also keep the broken stair stepper, the big weight lifting apparatus thing, seven bikes & helmets, scooters, balls, garden stuff, endless boxes of unknown and most likely unneeded stuff, shelves of I don't know what and the naughty cat. This is not a place that I want to hang out. In fact it's where I put the things I don't want to look at anymore. So, it seemed really wrong to tell my sweet little girl to go work up a sweat in it.

Bubba had no idea that the hubs and I had discussed the treadmill or that I was being defiant when she asked a couple of weeks ago if she could go walk on the treadmill. I ignored her request but she kept asking so on Monday I let her try it. I set her up and told her to try to walk fifteen minutes. I went out to check on her after twenty minutes and she didn't want to get off. SHE THOUGHT IT WAS FUN! SHE WANTED TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT GO FASTER!!!! So, I showed her how to control the speed and went back top my couch to work on planning the summer when what did I hear? A heard of elephants in the garage? No. I heard Bubba running on the treadmill. She ran / walked for another forty-five minutes before had to tell her to get off of the contraption in the garage. She has walked everyday since.

So, taking into consideration the fact that my little six year-old can get herself moving on the treadmill, I decided I should too. Day before yesterday, I walked for the first time in a long time. I only went for ten minutes and I walked a mile an hour slower than I did back when I walked all the time and two miles an hour slower than I used to run but I did it. I got on the stupid thing in the middle of the icky garage. Sadly, I was a little dizzy when I got off and that didn't seem like a good thing at all. I went back though - yesterday and today. It didn't kill me. Naughty kitty must not like all the action in his diggs. When I went to step on the belt this morning, I was confronted with a big pile of kitty vomit. Blah.

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