Thursday, May 20, 2010

Have you tried.........

As I have mentioned before, most people ignore that someone is fat ...... kind of. Fat is undeniable and it is impossible to not notice that someone is fat so people often ignore the entire person. Other times they talk around it. They ask things about working out or marathon running and I often wonder if they have looked at me at all. There are friends that do see me through loving eyes and probably feel a little sorry for me and make diet plan suggestions.

When I think of my dieting history, I think I have tried some version of just about every diet. (I am sure that I will get around to discussing most of those in the next fifty weeks) Some worked for the first few weeks and some didn't. Accountability is the biggest factor for me. I need to feel like a have a personal relationship with the person holding me accountable ..... like I do with my computer. I can't stay on a plan for very long that isn't using real food. All the prepackaged, precooked, predigested foods gross me out.

The last plan killer for me is plans that use numbers, codes and times. I don't want to count points for the next year and then need to learn to translate that to calories after the weight is lost. I don't want to try to figure out if it's okay to eat this food with that food or if I'm going to gain weight back because I ate something that took me out of ketosis. I don't believe highly publicized, commercial plans work in the long term......for the most part.

I am confident that eating less and moving more does work. Changing my lifestyle for a lifetime and not for just as long as it's affordable seems much more logical to me. I hear sensational stories all the time about people that lost forty pounds in a month or a hundred pounds in six months and some of them were never hungry. I think that if those stories are true and sustainable, those people have found the fountain of youth. In a country where more than fifty percent of people are overweight, those miraculous stories should be featured on the evening news and written up in the news paper but instead, the only time I hear a story like that in the media is in an advertisement.

I do have to admit that when someone says, "Why don't you try THAT plan? So and so lost fifty pounds on it last month." it stings a bit. Did they really lose fifty pounds? Could I lose more than ten pounds in a month and still have energy? Am I really sure about what I believe? Is there something else that I should do? Is there somewhere else I should cut back? What if? What if? What if?

Perhaps I should mull it over with a bowl of ice cream....... or not.

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