Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday

I only removed one pound last week but quite honestly, I'm glad that I didn't gain five. I did a lot of cooking and baking on Saturday and then we went out to dinner on Sunday. I did try to be good when I went out and shared an entree with Midge but I'm sure that I still consumed way more than I would have at home I haven't even counted calories since the weekend. I did come up with an awesome Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie recipe. Mmmm, too good.

So, after my failure of a weight loss weekend, I carried it into my week. Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and found these multi grain sweet potato chips that somehow made it into my cart. They were kind of healthy as a chip goes but they were still 110 calories per serving and apparently the bag had six servings in it. They were soooo good ....... and now they're gone. 660 calories. Bummer.

I feel as though I was afforded some grace with the loss of that one pound so I am re-motivated and ready to work on some goals again. Goals are good. Something to work towards and then modify as needed, right?

The swimmers in our family have daily goals, short term goals and lifetime goals. Let's see what I can do with that.

Today's Goal: Eat less than 1,300 calories, walk and sleep...... and to not dream about Sweet Potato Chips.

Short Term Goal: Lose ten percent of my body weight before Father's Day. I recall my Doctor saying that once you knock off ten percent of your body weight, you begin reversing some of the ailments caused by being mongo huge. I may be totally remembering that wrong but it seems like a good goal. Thirteen more pounds in five weeks.

Intermediate Goal: Fall from the obesity demographic. That will happen when I hit 190 which is a total loss of sixty pounds. That will be like losing a Bubba (our 4'4 six year old) from my back.

Long Term Goal: To not be fat any more. Magic number = 160.

Ultimate Goal: To return to the premarriage weight of 140. That's a loss of 110 pounds. My five foot four thirteen year old weighs 110 pounds.

Okay. I feel motivated. Thirteen pounds in five weeks is doable .... painful but doable.

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