Monday, November 14, 2011

And now the holidays are among us.....

I haven't written in a while. It took me until last week to start working out again. I did make it five days last week but my headaches had started again. I guess I hadn't cured my diabetes. Go figure. Anyway, the headache has subsided, no bloody noses and my weight is down ever so modestly but now the holidays are here.

Thanksgiving is next week. I wish it was just a 'skip a dessert and all is good' sort of day but it's not. It's a carboholics nightmare.... or dream depending where you are in your addiction. Just preparing the food (and tasting it to make sure it's palatable) could probably throw me into a coma. From the traditional sausage stuffing that I have over indulged in every year of my life to the brandy spiked sweet potato casserole, it's as if there is danger lurking in every calorie. Not to mention all of the snacks. Good grief. I should just have it catered and then fake the flu so I can stay in  my bed. I suggested to my brother, that visits with his family every year at Thanksgiving, that we should rebel and grill fillet mignon along with mashed potatoes (which I can easily skip and my sister-in-law likes to make) and green beans, He didn't go for it. I was kind of surprised. Does anyone really even like the traditional all labor intensive Thanksgiving meal? Seriously, if you were in a restaurant with a full menu and roasted turkey with mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, dressing, cranberry sauce, gravy and a roll was on the menu, would you choose it over steak? I think not! That's why it's not on the menu. I guess with the traditional meal, I can be thankful for the fact that I survived it's preparation and that we have lots of kids to do the dishes.

I'd really like to lose another 17 pounds by the end of the year so that in itself should keep me from too much risk to my health. I so, so, so want to be below 200 pounds by my birthday. It's a long shot at this point but I still want it enough to work for it.

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