Saturday, October 15, 2011

So I went back to the doctor.....

I went in on Thursday morning to get the results of my blood draw. I guess it was a good visit but I wouldn't say that I left all warm and fuzzy. My blood sugar is under control but my liver function test were not good and showed no improvement from before.

I have had a CAT scan on my liver (four years ago) and an ultra sound two years ago. I know that I have fat on my liver and that I am at risk for Fatty Liver Disease. Yes..... that's really what it's called. There's Fatty Liver Disease brought on by alcohol consumption or it can be caused by obesity. I almost never drink and I haven't drunk in excess for fifteen years so it's obviously because of my girth. I don't really understand if it will go away as I lose weight and I will heal or if I have a problem that I won't be able to will away.

My doctor did seem pretty concerned. She reviewed my chart more than she ever has before and was about to order an ultra sound but decided to wait another 60-90 days. I totally love a challenge but I don't see how there will be improvement if there wasn't in the past thirty days of my stellar behavior.

On a total side note. I get a little excited thinking about going back in thirty days because I should be under 200 pounds. Can you imagine? Of course you can. It's pretty hard for me though. It's been six years. It's fun to think about but really I can't imagine losing all of that off my body any more than I can imagine having gained it.

My doctor was pretty clear to let me know that working out half an hour six times a week is not going to be enough and that I have to be doing a full hour of cardio four times a week. That was a bummer. Now I have to find something. I don't know what yet. She thought I should start running. That really doesn't seem like a safe prospect to me. I would probably knock myself out with some body part bouncing out of place. It would not be good. Not good at all.

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