Thursday, April 29, 2010

I never get sick...

Until I try to cut calories and then BAM! It probably takes a ton of nutrients to keep me fighting off every virus that I come in contact with but I normally do NOT get sick. I might have a couple of hours when I think I'm about to drop like a fly but I always rebound. The kids get sick and the hubs gets sick and I get annoyed. In the last month, since I have cut back, I have been sick twice! I really, really don't like being sick mainl;y because I don't have time to curl up in a ball like I want to.

I'm kind of thinking it's the evil one attacking me where I'm weak. Did I mention that when I have a cold, I just want to eat. Not only do I want to eat but I want to eat junk. I don't get sick and want healthy food to strengthen my weakened body. No, I want ice cream and cookies ....... and a pizza would be nice. I'm going on the record right now. I rebuke you evil one. Go away and let me eat my rye crisp in peace.

I guess I had better stock up on cold medication in case that didn't do the trick.

For those of you that are thinking that I should reduce my calories and eat REALLY healthy so I get all of my nutritional needs met, it has been my experience that is impossible. It might work to maintain a desired weight but to lose weight, not so much. There are a couple of websites out there that where you can track everything you ingest and at the end of the day it will tell you what rate you will lose/gain weight and analyse your nutrient intake. I used one managed by the USDA for a few months. I can't remember if I lost any weight; so if I did lose weight, it was insignificant. I do remember becoming completely obsessed about trying to get enough fiber.

The hubs is really into lack of deprivation. He seems to think that dieting should be relatively painless. He say s things like "You should never cut out an entire food group" or "I can't handle doing anything extreme". I totally disagree. I completely indulged in order to reach the weight that I am at and I am probably supposed to feel discomfort from deprivation as I try to regain a healthy weight. I am an extreme person. I always have been. I want to feel like I am taking control and making a difference. Cutting out the chocolate sauce on my late night bowl of ice cream isn't the kind of change that is going to give me a feeling of accomplishment.

Who do you think is right? Oh. I should also point out that when the hubs was young and played football in college, he did do some of his own extreme dieting. In order to lose weight after the season was over, he would eat nothing but white rice and Snickers bars. Talk about giving up food groups to an extreme. That's just wacky.

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