Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And it's not your thyroid......

I worked with a nutritionist a few years back.(12 to be exact)During our first meeting she looked at me and said "Your weight is not caused by your thyroid". I guess she must have been asked about it a lot. I had never considered that there was any contributing factors besides my own gluttony so I accepted her declaration as fact.

For the most part, she (the nutritionist) was great. I can't remember her name but I met with her for about three minutes a week and paid her $40.00 a visit. She would glance over what I had eaten for the week, weigh me and send me on my way. It sounds like a little for a lot but she gave me the accountability that I needed and it cost enough that I wasn't about to cheat. I lost all of the weight that I gained during my first pregnancy in about six months. That's a little more than ten pounds a month. WOO HOO!

After Bubba (6) was born, I suffered some post partum depression. At the hub's insistence I went to the doctor. As it turned out my thyroid WAS all screwed up. It hasn't been under control since. There may have been short periods of time when it was but for the most part, not so much. A lot of it's uncontrolled condition is my own fault. Having blood drawn and going to the doctor all the time is a huge burden when you have lots of kids. Little D(4)loves sitting on my lap while the backwards shot pulls the blood out of my arm but it's really not so fun for me. Bubba has plans to become a doctor someday which may have stemmed from out frequent visits. Having my blood drawn with an audience isn't even the worst part. Actually having a conversation with the doctor that won't leave my kids fearful of my mortality or thinking that I'm an idiot because I'm not taking the care that I should is a much bigger challenge. So yes, thyroid is a factor in my weight. It can be controlled simply by taking a pill but sometimes getting the pill is harder than swallowing it.

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