Sunday, December 4, 2011

To obsess or not to obsess?

Yes. that is the question.

I lost weight over the week of Thanksgiving. Three pounds. I worked out four days and was totally aware of everything I ingested. I worried before my family arrived. I blogged. I planned. I made myself very aware of potential pitfalls and planned for small indulgences. I lost three pounds.

The following week, the Hubs went to Japan. I had three, sometimes four kiddos with daily activities and a huge volunteer deadline looming over me for the upcoming weekend. I gained five pounds. I didn't spend the week eating junk but I wasn't thinking through every snack and meal. I didn't drink enough water. I didn't sleep enough. I didn't exercise enough. I didn't spend enough time thinking about my objective. I didn't obsess.

The Hubs is home now and the weight seems to have gone back down so it was mainly water. If I had continued on though, the weight would have stayed and I would have continued to gain. This brings me to my question. Is obsessing constantly over how you are taking care of your body, the only way to have a major weight loss? I know what I think but I often hear people saying that they won't do anything drastic. Or that they would never eliminate a food group. I've heard people say that they can't deviate their diets because of the stress it puts one their families. Friends have said that don't think it's healthy to be hungry. I remember a friend saying that she couldn't obsess about losing weight and my agreeing with her. She didn't have time for it to take that much of her life up. It all makes sense if you listen to the words just right but here's the deal.

Gaining a hundred pounds was drastic. The eating habits that got me to where I am today were nothing short of extreme. Yes, I have a thyroid problem and my metabolism is not what it once was but that is a direct result of  my weight gain. Balance is great and if I had always been able to maintain balance, my body wouldn't be getting sick from certain foods. The fact that I gorged on sugars and carbs has made my body attack itself and now I am better without them. (of course I believe we'd all be better off without simple carbs but I alays think everyone should be doing what I'm doing) Hunger pains last for eleven minutes and can usually be alleviated with a glass of water. When I wasn't obsessing about losing weight, I was fairly obsessed about my mortality. I spent countless moments each day thinking about what was causing my headaches, side aches or bloody noses. I would think about what my children were leaning from me. I would think each day about all that I couldn't do with my family. I obsessed about my largesqueness,

So, when I weigh the pros and cons on obsessing about my losing weight, I have to say that obsession  seems to be the wise choice........

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