Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In (week 7) ~ 229

That's right! The number went up! Back off. Leave me alone. It wasn't me. It was someone else's fault ~ maybe yours.

Just kidding. I actually had a pretty good week. I'm  not sure why I didn't lose any weight. My legs are sore from exercise so maybe that has something to do with it. We did go out to eat for the first time in 106 meals. I had reached my domestic limit and the Hubs saw my anguish - yes, I made sure of that. So, after church, he suggested we go out to lunch. It was a wise suggestion on his part because there was really no telling what he would have been served at home. We went to Panera which is someplace we can usually eat at for about $40.00 and not feel gross after we leave because it was so greasy. I was excited to see that they have put the calorie counts for all of their menu items right next to the prices. It may have been a bit less exciting for the person behind me because I want to read the entire menu and then I want to analyze everything that my family has chosen. I like to suggest more healthful options and they always receive those options with such enthusiasm. (more entertainment for the person behind me) I don't even need the words on the menu any more. I can just decide what to eat by the numbers in the right hand column. I ordered half of the Asagio Beef sandwich and a cup of Black Bean soup for a whopping 410 calories. It was yummy and I was much happier after I ate lunch and didn't have to clean the kitchen.

I came upon the Mayo Clinic Diet this week. I don't know how old it is but it was being marketed as though it is fairly recent. It is definitely an 'eat less - move more' sort of plan. I only read a little bit of it on-line but it talked a lot about giving up 5 bad habits and gaining 5 good habits. Of the five bad habits, I remember two, eating in front of the television and eating out. We don't eat in front of the TV except when we have a special Family Movie Night or (more often) when the Hubs and I are watching something after the offspring have gone to bed. I don't really enjoy the first scenario but I am remorse to give up the second. I'm not sure if not eating out that is forever or just for the 'kick start' during the first two weeks of the program. The good habit that jumped off the page at me, was that I need to exercise one hour a day, everyday...... even when it's raining. Hmmm. Maybe I'll buy the book or maybe not. I have the feeling I have already read the key points.

The book that I really want to buy is, Eat This Not That. I saw a copy of the one about eating out at my sister-in-law's house and loved it. Some things in it were obvious but many weren't. In fact, it was how I knew what I was going to order even before I got to Panera. I don't think I will ever eat at Macaroni Grill again.

I have my first goal of losing ten percent of my original weight by Fathers day looming over me. Four pounds and four days to go. It's not really looking very good but it could happen, right?

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