Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm still losing.............

My postings have faded to all but nothing but I haven't forgotten (or met) my goals. I did lose two pounds last week. I have been so busy running around with the girls that I have been too busy to eat, let alone blog, on some days. I used to laugh when people would say inane things like that but it's true. Instead of shoveling garbage into my mouth because I don't have time to think about it, I just keep going on with my day. (We did have steak for dinner tonight and I did eat way too much of it ....... and now I feel kind of sick.)

We have been walking to the park every morning, playing for a couple of hours and then walking the mile up hill home. It has been a great way to start our days and I think even Bubba might be shrinking her waist line a bit.

The warmer weather has significantly reduced the amount of clothing people are wearing. Whether at the park, grocery store or river, I will never understand how fatty's like myself, can feel comfortable showing the majority of their skin. Yuck! Gross! Stop it!!!!!!! It's going to make me anorexic or suicidal. Blah!

Until my next post, enjoy the sunshine, with your CLOTHES ON!!!!!

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