Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Week Has Passed

It was a week ago today that I found out I was Diabetic. It's been a week of adaptations, changes and a little depression but overall, it's all been for the best.

After my painful walk with the teenager, I realized that was something I would not be able to maintain for long. It hurt and I'm not one to do outdoor activities in crappy weather. We do own a really nice treadmill but it's in the garage and I don't like being in the garage for more than the minute it takes to leave the house. So, committing to the treadmill for the winter would be like setting myself up for failure. Nope, the whole walking thing, undoubtedly the easiest exercise known to man, was too hard for me to manage. That's when I thought of Curves.

I hopped on their website and saw a pass for a free week. When I got there the next day, I remembered that I had used a Free Week Pass at another location a few years back. I hadn't joined because I didn't think I could afford it. With this in my head, I did begin to worry. It didn't say anywhere on the website what the cost was. I did my first free workout. It was totally doable and my heart rate was elevated for the full thirty minutes. There was only one employee there and two other members so it was quiet and unimposing. I liked it.

After that first workout, I filled out the paper work and for the first time wrote Diabetic in the health questions. Bummer. The cost is $35 a month with a one year contract and the contract is super inexpensive to break. I can't really afford not to do it at this point. I'm sure that I will need a full year to get to where I feel like I can go to a normal gym again.

As for my diet this past week, I have cut all simple carbs. There has been no bread or refined sugar and limited amounts of natural sugar. My daily breakfast of peanut butter toast has been replaced by a scrambled egg w/ salsa and all of my other meals have simply been reduced. I did buy some sugar free ice cream to end the day with....... just a small scoop with nothing on it, but at this point, it feels like a total indulgence.

I lost seven pounds last week.

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