Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In (week 11) ~ 224

This time last week it looked like I was headed for a big drop this week. I was super busy, walking and not eating. I think I had dropped three pounds between Wednesday and Friday. Then the weekend hit and I caved. I didn't give in to one little temptation. No. I ate crap all weekend long. I ate Jack-in -the-Box - no fries but I did enjoy a yummy Oreo milk shake at 780 calories. I just kept eating and eating. It was a little scary. I kept waiting for the Hubs to say something like, "Has Satan taken a stronghold over you because you seem to have lost your mind???????", but he didn't day say a word. He just watched me dish up my bowl of ice cream on Sunday night and smother it with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Other than the ice cream, I don't even remember what I ate but I know it wasn't good. I do remember thinking that if I could come up with a miracle weight loss diet eating only ice cream, I'd be one happy millionaire.

Not surprisingly, Monday came and I had gained some poundage over the weekend. Bummer. So, back on the track (literally) I sprang and now, I am where I was this time last week.

I did go to see my doctor yesterday do review my most recent lab results and that was fairly rewarding. My bad cholesterol was down 30 points. My blood pressure was really low and my thyroid is now being over treated. My blood sugar is still borderline bad but I'm thinking that is going to improve. I convinced my doctor to not reduce my thyroid medication. I'm finally able to lose weight. Lowering my dosage would make it harder. She gave me 90 more days and if I test the same, she'll lower it. Here's to some serious weight loss over the next 90 days!

If you're wondering why everybody doesn't just pump up their thyroid in an attempt to lose weight and over medicate forever, it's not an unheard of idea. It's my understanding that it's done by a lot of people that need to be skinny for their professions. (ie. models and actresses) Unfortunately, it will mimic the effects of menopause and cause damage to organs and bone loss. Bummer.

I think that if I found time to write more, I could more easily avoid dietary breakdowns like last weekend. That was pretty ridiculous. Hopefully, I can redeem myself this week.

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